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7 years ago I was a smoker, unhealthy, depressed and completely unfit. One day I looked in the mirror and didn't recognize the person staring back at me. Where had I gone? 
Today, I can identify as a strong, passionate person, with more drive, confidence and love in my life then I could have ever imagined. And it all started with sweat.
I believe that what we do in the gym determines what we do out of the gym. Every time I broke through a physical fitness goal, that confidence stayed with me. I started to hold my head higher, be less closed off and began to expect more from myself and others.
My physical strength has been a reminder that my capabilities are endless. 
As a personal trainer, I will teach you how to move with ease, reduce pain, explore functionality in movement, strengthen, hold yourself with confidence(great posture!!) and inspire others to do the same. 
When you start to believe that you are capable of exceeding your perceived limits, of reaching your goals, you are telling yourself:
I deserve this, I belong here, and I am,
Worthy of Strength.

-Mikala Condon

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It can all start here. Send me a message about your fitness goals and let's make it happen. Remember, you are worthy of strength.




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